Coronavirus: Putin assures that Russia has the first approved vaccine against covid- {19 | nineteen}

Putin {said | stated} that one of his {two | 2} daughters was one of the first inoculated and that “it feels good.”
Russia already has an approved and registered vaccine against the coronavirus, {according to | according to} President Vladimir Putin.

The {president | leader} {indicated | pointed out} this Tuesday at a government {meeting | assembly} that the vaccine was developed by the Gamaleya Institute and was registered {after | after} {two months | a couple of months} ​​of human trials.

What is known about the mass vaccination plan against the coronavirus that Russia is preparing for October and {why | for what reason} {generates | produces} doubts
He assured {in addition | in addition to this} that one of his {two | 2} daughters was one of the first inoculated and that “it feels good.”

The approval, {said | stated} Putin, paves the way for the massive {use | use} of the vaccine {while | while} the final stages of clinical trials {continue | continue | continue}.

Last week, the Russian government announced that it was {preparing | preparing} {the start | start} of a mass vaccination following the {successful | triumphant} trials of the vaccine, a {news | new} that was greeted with skepticism by the international community.

And it was {reported | notified} that {this | this} could {start | start | start} {in October | in the month of October}.

{As | As} {points out | points} the Reuters agency, Russian health workers who {are treating | treating} coronavirus patients {will | have | will have} the {opportunity | opportunity} to volunteer for the third phase of vaccine trials.

{Some | Certain} {experts | specialists}, {however | nevertheless}, have expressed doubts about the speed with which the Russian vaccine is being developed, and it has been suggested that {researchers | scholars} could be {economizing | saving} {efforts | sacrifices}.

{Various | Multiple} {experts | specialists} international, {including | including} Dr. Anthony Fauci, the {leading | paramount} {expert | specialist} in infectious diseases in the United States, {also | also} have questioned Russia’s rush, the possible {effectiveness | efficiency} of the vaccine, and the fact that it announced a massive vaccination campaign without having completed larger-scale trials.

\ “Anyone can say they have a vaccine and make it, {but | more} you have to {prove | prove} that it is safe and {effective | effective}, {which | which} I doubt they have proven it \”, { said | affirmed} {in early | early} August Fauci in an interview with BlackPressUSA TV.

\ “You have to {be careful | be careful | be careful} with those who now {say | claim} to have a vaccine \”, {added | added}.

With {fears | fears} that the safety of inoculation could be compromised, the {World Health Organization | WHO} urged Russia last month to {follow | continue | continue} established international guidelines for the production of a vaccine against covid- {19 | nineteen}.

{But | More} {during | throughout} his announcement, Putin {noted | noted} that the Russian vaccine \ “is a {very important | fundamental} step for the world \” and thanked the scientists {involved | involved} in its development.

And he added: \ “I know that (the vaccine) {works | works} quite {effectively | efficiently}, {produces | generates} a strong immunity and, I repeat, it has passed {all | each and every one of the} necessary revisions \ “.

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko {noted | noted} that the vaccine had \ “{proven | proven} to be {highly | enormously} {effective | effective} and safe \”, describing it as {a great | a huge} step {towards | face} \ “the victory of humanity \” against covid- {19 | nineteen}.

\ “You can’t have a vaccine in {six | 6} months {or | or} a year, something that {never | ever} was done {before | already before}, and {wait | wait} that {allows us | leave} {automatically | automatically | automatically} {return | return} to how we lived before \ “

The Russian vaccine is not on the WHO list of {six | 6} vaccines {which have already | reached phase {three | 3} of clinical trials, {which | those that} {involve | involve} a larger number of human tests.

{According | According to} the WHO, {currently | today | today | today | today} there are more than {100 | one hundred} potential vaccines against covid- {19 | nineteen} being developed around the {world | planet}.

{Despite | Despite} {rapid | rapid} progress, {most | most} of {experts | specialists} {think they | consider that | they believe that} until mid-{2021 | two thousand twenty-one} a vaccine {available | free} will be available in the {world | planet}.

\ “{Sometimes | Sometimes} individual {researchers | scholars} claim they have found something, {which | what} is, {of course | obviously | naturally | naturally | logically | logically}, {excellent | great} news \ “, {said | stated} on {4 | four} August WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier.

\ “{But | More} between {find | locate | find} {or | or} having the idea that {maybe | maybe | maybe} a vaccine {possibly | probably} {works | working}, and having passed For {all | each and every} stage of investigation, there is {a big | a huge} difference \ “, agegó.

Russia has not published any study {or | or} scientific data on the tests that {carried out | carried out} and no details are known about the phases of the process that {generally | in general | as a general rule | normally} must be fulfilled {before | already before} a vaccine is approved and launched on the market.

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